Notarized Travel Permission Letter

By | April 1, 2013


____________ [name of the recipient]

_________________ [designation of the recipient]

_____________________ [address of the recipient]

___________________________ [city and state]

Date: _________________ [date of writing the letter]

Respected Sir/madam,

I am _____________ [name of the person writing the letter] parent of __________ [name of the child/children] and writing this letter in order to authorize my child/children to travel with _____________ [name of the adult who is accompanying the child/children].

My child/children will be travelling from ___________[ name of the place] to ____________[ name of the destination] on ____________[ date of travelling] by _____________Airline[ name of the airline] flight number ____________[ number of the flight from which the child/children will be travelling].

I am authorizing _____________[ name of the authorized person] who is _________[ relation of the authorised person with the children] of child/children to travel with  them  as I am unable to accompany them due to ______________[ mention the reason as to why the parent is not able to accompany their child]. I am sure that ___________ [name of the authorised person] will take good care of my children in my absence and I grant him/her to take decision regarding my child/children during the entire journey.

Please let me know if I need to provide any other details or need to fulfil any other formality.


________________ [signature of the parent]

_____________________ [name of the parent]

________________________ [address of the parent]

______________________ [telephone number /contact details of the parent]

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