Vacation Leave Permission Letter

By | April 1, 2013



_________________ [name of the recipient]

______________________ [address line 1 of the person receiving the letter]

______________________ [address line 2 of the person receiving the letter]

__________________________ [name of the city and state]

_____________ [date of writing the letter]

Dear ________________ [name of the recipient],

You will be happy to know that your vacation leave has been accepted and you are given the permission to go on leave for _______days [mention the number of days for which leave is permitted] starting from ___________ [mention the starting date of the leave period].

After going through your track record of the last ________[ mention the time period]  we have found that you have not taken a single leave and thus your request for the vacation leave is permitted as you deserve this vacation after putting up all your hard work for the last __________[ mention the time period].

Before going on your vacation leave you are requested to hand over the details of your work to ________ [name of the person to whom the hand over is to be given] and also ___________ [mention all other tasks that needs to be fulfilled by the person before going on leave].

Hope you will have great time on your vacation. All the best.


_____________ [name of the sender]

________________ [designation of the sender]

_____________________ [organisation name of the sender]

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