Professional introduction letter

By | April 15, 2011

Ms. Piki Jimuta

Human Resources Officer

Durable Appliances, Inc.

Tilak nagar,

January 18, 2011

To the sales staff,

I am proud to introduce to you the new sales manager for the company, Mr. Falgu Kodumudi.  He will be replacing Mr. Fanindra Koduri who has resigned from his job and will be the taking over the position starting next week.

Mr. Kodumudi is highly qualified for the position of sales manager.  He has an exceptional educational background and an extensive experience in the field of sales and marketing.  He has worked for top companies in the past where he has been recognized for increasing sales for many years.  We believe that he will continue the great work that Mr. Koduri has been doing.  We hope that you would be able to settle into a good working relationship with Mr. Kodumudi.  Everyone is enjoined to attend the welcome dinner for Mr. Kodumudi which will also serve as a venue to personally get acquainted with him.


Ms. Piki Jimuta