______________ [name of the recipient]

______________ [designation of the recipient]

______________ [name and address of the company]

Date: _____________ [mention the date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Promotion proposal letter

Respected Mr. ___________ [salutation]

I am __________ [mention the name of the person who is writing the promotion proposal letter], working as ___________ [mention the job post of the sender] at your reputed organisation. I am submitting this promotion proposal letter for Mr. /Ms. ________ [mention the name of the person for whom the promotion is being proposed], who is currently working at the job post of ________ [mention the job post of the person].

Mr. /Ms. __________ [mention the name of the person for whom the promotion is being proposed] have been serving and contributing towards the growth and profits of this company for more than ________ years [mention the period of employment of the person]. After working with him for so many years, I believe that he (or she) is best suited for the job post of _______ [mention the job post for which the proposal is being sent] as he is equipped with skills such as ________, ________, ________ and ___________ [mention some of the skills of the person for whom the proposal is being sent]. With good conduct towards his work, clear vision towards his aim, _________ and ___________ [mention some of the good qualities about the person for whom the promotion proposal is being sent], he would be an ideal match to the above stated post.

I assure you that Mr. /Ms ________ would continue to work hard and would deliver finest work to meet company’s expectations. I hope that my promotion proposal would be accepted by the management and a favourable response would be delivered.

For further details, I can be contacted on _____________ [mention contact details].

Thanking you.


_____________ [name of the sender]

_____________ [sender’s contact details]


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