Sales Promotion Business Letter

By | April 12, 2013


______________ [name of the clients or the customers]

______________ [address of the recipient]

Date: _____________ [mention the date on which the letter is written]

Subject: sales promotion business letter

Dear Mr/Ms ___________ [salutation]

I am writing this letter on behalf of _________ Company [mention the name of the business sales company]. This is to announce that we are offering mega discounts and attractive sales offers for the present month.

Dear customers, we are promoting exciting discounts of up to ___ % [mention the discounted percentage] on all our leading products such as ____________, ___________ and________ [mention some of the known products, sales services etc of the company]. Since there would be a limited stock of some of our products and services, we are offering many attractive offers and proposals such as ____________, ____________ [mention the sales promotion offers that you need to present to the customers].

You are requested to come early to avail the best deals. The delivery of the products would take _____ time [mention the time period] after the completion of sales promotion period.

We look forward to see you at ________ [mention the name of the company].


__________ [name of the sender]

__________ [designation]

__________ [name of the company]

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