Investment Proposal Letter


Mr Zodiac,

Finnegan Constructions Ltd,



Mr Walter,

Raving Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Walter,

I, Mr Zodiac, am drafting this letter on behalf of the Finnegan Constructions Ltd to put forward a proposal for investment in the new project at the Sterling Archway. The site has been under possession of the Finnegan Constructions Ltd. However, the project is grand and it requires to be partnered with a deserving construction firm in the market. Now, who else can be more deserving than the Raving Constructions Ltd.?

The details regarding the topography of the site and the project under discussion have been enclosed along with this letter and we are hopeful that the Raving Constructions Ltd would also wish to be a part of this lifetime and lifestyle project. The further details can be discussed after the intimation from your side. We are hopeful that a favourable and quick response is coming our way. Looking forward for a partnership which the construction industry shall envy of,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Zodiac