Project Proposal Letter

By | July 5, 2010


Ashish Sinha


Unique Potters,


Dear Mr Sinha,

My team and I had a wonderful time visiting your factory at Faridabad and feel your company had great potential. We do understand that you are short of funds and therefore are finding it difficult to expand your firm.

We would like to make a proposal and if you feel it is profitable for you, we can take our talks further. Our senior management at New Finances has decided to invest Rs 85 crore in your new factory at Ghaziabad and will be primarily responsible for the setting up infrastructure, machines and marketing. We think you are doing a great job at promoting our heritage and we therefore want to be a part of it.

Other details of the proposal are enclosed with the letter. We will need to discuss the financial details further and please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in this project proposal.

Yours truly,

Shashi Baweja