Proposal Letter for Interview

By | April 16, 2013


______________________ [Here the name of the person who is receiving the letter is to be mentioned]

_____________________ [Designation of the person who is receiving the letter]

___________________ [Name of the employer company]

__________________________________ [Address of the employer company]

__________________________________ [Address of the employer company]

Dated: _________ [here the date needs to be mentioned]

Subject: Proposal for interview for the position of ____________________


Respected ________________ [name of the person receiving the letter],

I am writing this letter as I would like to put forward the proposal for an interview in the position of _____________________ [position in which the sender wants to join]. I believe that I possess ____________________ [mention the skills of the applicant] that would make me suitable for the particular job position.

I have completed my ________________________ [educational degrees pursued and completed by\ the sender] from ________________ [name of the educational institute] in the year _____________________ [year of completion of degree]. I have ______________________ [mention in details the job position in which the sender is working or was working. Here you also need to mention the name of the employer organizations.] I was ____________________ [mention in details the job responsibilities of the sender in the position in which he has worked].

I am looking forward to your response.


_______________ [name of the person sending the letter]

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