Proposal Letter to Purchase Property

By | April 16, 2013


___________________ [Here the name of the person who is receiving the letter is to be mentioned]

___________________ [Designation of the person who is receiving the letter]

____________________ [name of the real estate company]

_______________________ [office address of the real estate company]

Dated: ________/ _________ / ____________

Subject: ________________ [mention that you want to purchase a specific property]


Respected ______________________ [name of the person receiving the letter],

This is to bring to your kind notice that I am keen on purchasing a property from your real estate company. I would like to purchase the __________________ [property type that the sender wants to purchase] located at ___________________________________ [location address of the property].

I was looking forward to purchase a property with _______________________ [mention in details the specifications that the sender is looking forward in the property he wants to purchase]. The reason for purchasing the property is _____________________ [mention the reason for purchasing the property]. Your property has ______________________ [mention the various specifications of the property like the area type] which is similar to my needs. I am ready to offer a purchase price of __________ [amount in appropriate currency].

I would be highly grateful if you accept my proposal. I am looking forward to a response from your end.


_________________ [name of the person sending the letter]

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