Travel Business Proposal Letter

By | April 19, 2013


____________________ [here the receivers’ name is to be mentioned]

______________________ [here the receiver’s address is to be mentioned]

_____________________ [Here the organization name is to be mentioned]

______________________ [official address of the receiver’s organization]

Dated: _________ [here the date needs to be mentioned]

Subject: Proposal to start travel business


Respected _________________ [last name of the person receiving the letter],

I am writing as I intend to start a travel business in collaboration with your organization. I would like to put forward a proposal in regards to that.

It has always been a desire of mine since __________________ [time period] to start a travel business. I have decided the routes that will be covered by the travel agency. The routes that will be covering are from __________________ [starting point of the route] till _____________________ [ending point of the route]. The total cost of investment will be ___________________ [mention the total cost with the appropriate currency]. Our business will have the facility of _____________________ [mention the type of facilities provided by the travel business]. It will benefit us as __________________ [the reasons for which the business will benefit].

I hope that you find the proposal to be helpful and agree to collaborate in the travel business. Looking forward to your reply. Further details of the proposal are enclosed with this letter.


__________________ [name of the person sending the letter]

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