Writing a Proposal Letter

By | July 5, 2010

A proposal letter, as the name suggests, may deal with any issue that the sender wishes to propose, usually benefiting both parties. There can be different types of proposal letters but the most common ones deal with sales, business, education, or a particular cause.

While writing a proposal letter it must be kept in mind that—

  • It is a proposal and hence it should be an introductory offer or suggestion and not any legally binding document
  • One can make it professional or informal depending on the issue, for example, if it is formal business proposal, personal details need not be included
  • No matter what the topic of the letter is, the overall tone of the letter is usually very formal and business-like
  • Your proposal should create a good impression, so state your views in the beginning without wasting time
  • Keep it brief, to the point and highlight how the proposal may be of interest to both the parties