College Admissions Recommendation Letter

By | August 4, 2012


Mr. T. Johnson,


Springdale High School,



Ms. Cindy Cromwell,


Illinois College of Science,


Dear Cindy,

I understand that Andrew Jackson has applied for admission to the bachelor’s course in mathematics in your college. Andrew has been my student since the last four years. He is a rare combination of academic brilliance, humility, innovation, industry readiness, and integrity. He was a part of the high school football team that won the interstate football tournament held in Detroit last year.

Two years ago, we started construction of a new building in our high school campus. Unfortunately, the construction work stopped midway due to lack of finances. Andrew teamed up with a few students and approached members of the local chamber of commerce who were old students of our high school.

We received donations of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in one month that enabled us to complete the construction. A scholarship for economically underprivileged students was also announced with the amount that remained after the building’s construction. The academic performance of Andrew can be gauged from his grades.

I felt that the extraordinary enterprise and leadership abilities displayed by the boy at such a young age are worthy of mention. I strongly recommend Andrew Jackson for the bachelors program in mathematics in your college.

Yours Sincerely,

T. Johnson,

Principal, Springdale High School,



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