Guidance Counselor Recommendation Letter

By | April 14, 2011

Prof. Nabhij Bhoola

Delhi Road, Saharanpur,
Uttar Pradesh 247001

November 19, 2010

Mr. Lakshin Bhatti


Uttar Pradesh School

Civil Lines, Saharanpur,
Uttar Pradesh 247001

Dear Mr. Bhatti,

I hereby recommend Ms. Pahal Dawar to the position of guidance counselor in your school which she is applying for.  She was a former student of mine and I have seen her great suitability to the said position.

Ms. Dawar was academically excellent and was also a student leader in the school.  I can confidently say that she has the academic background and qualities that you are looking for as a guidance counselor.  She has good inter-personal skills and works well with persons of varying personalities.  She has shown this ability when she was a student leader.  She always manages to create a harmonious atmosphere among students and is also known by her teachers as a well-mannered student.

Thank you and I hope my recommendation would help in Ms. Dawar’s application.


Prof. Nabhij Bhoola