How to write a Recommendation Letters

By | April 20, 2010

Writing a recommendation letter for someone is a very crucial task and it may be written for an employee, co worker or any other acquaintance. Writing a recommendation letter for someone can also be considered as an honor or a privilege as you have been asked for your opinion which counts.

A well written recommendation letter need not be very lengthy but it should include couple of paragraphs to give the general idea related to the credentials of the person you are recommending.

In order to write a good recommendation letters following points must be considered:

  • First of all determine the purpose of recommendation, i.e. whether it is for academic post, job, personal reference or any other purpose as it will help you to focus the content of your letter.
  • Make a list of the qualities that will be needed to mention in the letter. Mention some of the specific traits which are related to the individual.
  • Include your name and position along with the name and position of the requester as well.
  • Mention other details of the requester as well like how long you have known him , in what capacity and others.
  • Close the letter with your specific recommendation and by showing your confidence in the individual.
  • Last but not the least always write a recommendation letter only for a person who is known to you.