Preschool Teacher Recommendation Letter

By | August 7, 2012


_______________________ [name of the recipient]

_____________________ [job position of the recipient]

___________________ [school in which the candidate is being recommended]

___________________________________ [address of the school]

____________________ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: Recommendation for preschool teacher

Respected _______________________ [last name of the recipient],

This letter is to recommend ____________________ [name of the candidate being recommended] for the position of a preschool teacher in your school. She has been working in a similar position in ___________________ [name of the school] since _____________________  [date of joining the school].

____________________ [name of the candidate being recommended] has always shown an amazing performance and professional attitude throughout her tenure in the school. She has pursued a teacher’s training course in _________________ [type of teacher’s training course] from _________________ [name of organization from which teacher’s training course pursued]. She is adept at handling children and good at understanding them. As an employee she is very punctual and disciplined. She always comes up with innovate techniques for teaching. Even the students are very fond of her.

I can assure you that she will turn out to be an asset for your organization.


_____________________ [name of the sender]

____________________ [job designation]

_______________________ [organization in which he is working]

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