Product Recommendation Letter

By | August 4, 2012


Peter Hernandez,

Hernandez Department Stores,

Silver Creek Valley,

San Jose, CA 95106

Dear Peter,

I had purchased a Motorola T- 2311 smart phone from your store last month. I am extremely pleased with its performance and recommend it to anyone looking for a sleek and stylish smart phone with the latest features at an affordable price. The four inch curved glass screen and the impeccable finish make it a visual spectacle.

Being a senior software consultant with a multinational firm, I travel frequently to different parts of the world. The camera with 5 mega pixel resolution and the GPS navigation unit have therefore been of great use to me. The instant internet connectivity at the push of a button is a wonderful experience and I have had no problems even while flying.

Downloading music, watching movies, and playing video games has been a wonderful experience due to the dual core processor, built-in 3-axis accelerometer, and gyroscope sensor. I would recommend anyone in San Jose looking for an affordable smart phone to visit Hernandez stores as they offer a fashionable leather pouch and one year service free of cost on purchase of this phone.

Yours Sincerely,

William Cameron,

Suite 104, Richmond Street,

Howard Avenue,

San Jose, CA 95104

(408) 432-5656

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