Recommendation Letter for Law School

By | April 24, 2013


__________________ [name of the person who is concerned]

__________________ [designation of the concerned person]

_________________ [name of the law school]

_________________________ [campus address line 1 of the law school]

_________________________ [campus address line 2 of the law school]

Dated: ___________________

Subject: _______________ [mention that you want to recommend a student for the law school]


Respected _________________ [last name with appropriate salutation before it],

With the help of this letter I would like to recommend _______________ [name of the student] for admission in your law school in order to pursue __________________ [mention the law course that the student wants to pursue].

________________ [name of the student] has always been an excellent student. I know him as __________________ [mention how the sender knows the student whom he is recommending]. He has always aspired to pursue a degree in law and I can assure you that he will make your law school proud with his performance. It would also be beneficial for his career if he passes out from a reputed law school like yours.

I would request you consider his application and select him for the interview procedure.


______________ [sender name]

_______________ [sender’s designation]

_______________ [organization’s name]

________________ [address of the organization]

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