Recommendation Letter for Student

By | April 23, 2013


______________________ [name of the person who is concerned]

______________________ [designation of the concerned person]

__________________________ [name of the educational institution]

_____________________________ [address line 1 of the educational institution]

_____________________________ [address line 2 of the educational institution]

Dated: _____________ [mention the date]

Subject: Letter to recommend student for your ______________ [type of educational institution]


Respected ____________________ [surname of the concerned person]

Through this letter I would like to recommend ___________________ [name of the student] for __________________________ [type of course] in your ______________ [type of educational institution].

___________________ [name of the student being recommended] has completed his ____________________ [the last educational qualification of the student] from _________________ [name of the educational institute]. I know ___________[name of the student] as ___________________ [mention how the sender knows the student]. He has always been ________________________ [mention in detail the positive qualities of the students. Also mention his various achievements as a student]. I am sure that if you give him admission he will __________________ [mention how the student will benefit the educational institute].

I request you to consider him for admission in your institute. I would be highly grateful if you do so.


_________________ [name of the person sending the letter]

___________________ [designation of the sender]

___________________ [name of employer organization]

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