Sample Court Recommendation Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Roxon,

London Court of Commerce,



Mr Finnegan,

Human resource officer,

ICUC bank,


Dear Mr Finnegan,

I, Mr Roxon, the chief lawyer for the London Court of Commerce, am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr Gibbs. Mr Gibbs has served me as the assistant after completing his law studies. He has been an excellent assistance even in the weirdest and the most sensitive of the cases. The knowledge of the subject oozes from Mr Gibbs. Now, Mr Gibbs has moved to Monaco and is looking forward for the job of legal advisor in your esteemed bank. I recommend his name for the said post since I feel that there is no match to the talent and the execution which Mr Gibbs possesses.

I am very confident of the fact that Mr Gibbs shall result in immediate reflection of the talent and the capability which he possesses. A banking institution like yours shall give perfect platform for Mr Gibbs to showcase the mettle stuffed in him.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Roxon