Sample Recommendation Letter

By | April 20, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter may be treated as my personal recommendation for Rosy Douglas. Until just recently, I have been Rosy’s immediate supervisor for almost eight years. I found her to be very dedicated, capable to tackle assignments and have a pleasant personality.

Rosy is a take-charge person who is capable to present new ideas and communicate the benefits. During her association with our company she has succeeded in developing many sales plans leading to an increase in our sales revenue.

During her tenure, we did witness an increase in profits that surpassed our budgeted sales target of two million dollars. The new revenue was a direct result of the initiative taken by Rosy. Besides her business prowess in our establishment, she has also displayed immense humanitarian shades of her character.

I highly recommend Rosy for employment. She is a team player and would definitely prove to be an asset to any organization.


Sharon Stone

Sales Manager, XYZ Productions

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