Mr Gary,

E -4,

Broken Boulevard,



Mr Larry,

Every Day Green Day NGO,


Dear Mr Larry,

I just became aware of the fact that you NGO, Every Day Green Day, has been in the efforts for organising a grand event for the plantation of saplings all over the city. However, considering the vastness of the city and the limited man power that is available this shall prove to be a tough task to culminate.

The effort to be accomplished is a noble cause since the green cover in the city is getting depleted by every passing day. The ‘Save and Plant Trees’ NGO people have also been working on the same ground; and I have contacted them, regarding this event of yours. They are willing to volunteer their services for this event and I severely recommend their services since I have seen their dedication to their job in green events they have organised. I wish you all the very best and hope that my recommendation proves fruitful.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Gary


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