Business Credit Reference Letter

23 Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata-700032

9 August, 2012

Mr. John Denver, CEO,

Rocketeer Corp, Chandannagar, Bhopal 12345

Subject: Account No. 555-555

Dear Denver,

My business relationship with you has lasted for over 10 years now and I must admit that it has been a wonderful experience so far. A thorough study of your records will reveal that I on my part have never been left behind in discharging my obligations towards your institute. However, due to the ongoing recession, the effects have started showing on me.

As a result of my sad state of economic affairs, I humbly request you to downgrade my monthly disbursements on loan balances from the existing $500000 to $200000. Subsequently, the months for which I shall have to pay will now increase to 36 instead of the 24 mentioned in our agreement.

I hope you consider my plea. This would not have been the state of affairs had the economy not been in arrears. As the economy gradually recovers itself from the shambolic mess it is in now, I hope to reinstate the older state of affairs. Should you feel the need to get in touch with me, call me on 1112345.


Lee Westwood’s Signature,

Lee Westwood, M.D

Funk Inc.


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