September 23, 2005

Managing Committee

Stars Reality


Re: Purchasing of Building unit

It is with a lot of joy that I write this letter in recommendation of Shri Jayantilal Gada. I believe that Mr. Gada is on the lookout for an apartment at Versova. Mr. Gada and my father had been the best of friends since their school days. Now that Mr. Gada has retired, he has expressed his desire for an apartment in Versova as it is in close proximity to our bungalow, thus allowing my father and Mr. Gada to relive their old memories on a constant basis.

Being my father’s best friend, I have immense faith and respect for Mr. Gada. I have fond memories of him getting gifts on my birthdays and taking me to the nearby parks during the evenings. Mr. Gada is a man of integrity and character. He is a considerate man and a symbol of discipline and self control. Having served in the armed forces, he ensures strict discipline in his daily deportment.

As a kid, I observed Mr. Gada as a very jolly and big hearted individual. He is extremely co-operative and would make the ideal neighbor. In case there are any more queries pertaining to Mr. Gada, please feel free to call me at my home or office.


Aravind Digga,


Stars Reality



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