Court Reference Letter

By | June 11, 2009

When writing a personal letter to the court, this is a representation of information that would be of particular assistance with a case that is already being tabled in court. This would be to clear his name or to provide evidence on his behalf or on behalf of an ally. It serves as a true testimony and is filed in copies, by all interested legal representatives. 

Sample Court reference letter

Huxley Morgan,

Jamaican High Court,

Praxedes Road,

P.O. BOX 456,


Dear Sir,


This is to notify you that the above mentioned car was stolen on the 4th of April 2007 and after claiming compensation, I was refunded with the sum assured by Prestige Insurance Company as per policy agreement. The stolen car was discovered by Trackar©, a car tracking agency that had fixed a tracking device on it a month after I had been compensated. I have no claim over the car and my intention is to buy it from the Insurance Company. There is no relation with its disappearance and the case in hand. Any further information you may require from the case can be referred to me or my lawyers.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Tosh Jr.