Nursing School Reference Letter

By | August 4, 2012

256 Cuckatoo Lane

Woodside, West Virginia 1111111

November 12, 2006

To: Whomsoever it may concern

It gives me immense pleasure writing this recommendation letter for Elisabeth Murphy. Miss Murphy was one of the brighter pupils in my class and was terrific at calculus. She was a pleasure to teach. Her deportment in the class was flawless and her response as well was quite encouraging. Initially, she seemed as the shy reticent types. But as time went by, we had a good measure of the vocal and vibrant Elisabeth Murphy.

Her endearing smile had us all captivated. No matter what the circumstance, a smile on Miss Murphy’s face was omnipresent. She had a great eye for detail and was a perfectionist at work. She set really high standards for herself which she continuously achieved. She made a conscious effort to take part in the group discussions and was full of innovative and refreshing ideas. She would not hesitate in asking questions on concepts that were not clear to her and would even stay back after class to get an in-depth analysis of the subject.

She has often discussed with me her dream of becoming a nurse. In my personal opinion, she possesses the aptitude for becoming a fine nurse but it is her personality and intellect that will really take her places in the nursing world.


Jerry Lawler


Woodylane High School

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