Reference Letter for an HR Manager

By | April 29, 2013


_______________________ [Here the name of the person who is receiving the letter is to be mentioned]

___________________ [job designation]

___________________ [name of the organization]

___________________________ [office of the organization]]

___________________________ [further office address of the organization]]

Date: _______________

Subject: Letter of reference for a HR manager


Respected __________________,

This letter is in reference to the application made by __________________ [name of the referral candidate] candidate] for the position of a HR manager. I would like to refer __________________ [name of the referral candidate] for this particular position.

_________________________ [name of the referral candidate] has worked in the Hr department of our organization from _________________________ [date of joining] till ___________________ [date of leaving]. He was responsible for _____________________ [mention the various job duties carried out in that particular position]. He was also in charge of _____________________ [additional job duties of the referral candidate]. He has proved to be an efficient employee in that position and has always ____________________ [various achievements made by the candidate in the organization].

I refer him without any reservation. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information on _______________ [contact details].


_________________ [name of the person writing the letter]

_________________ [job designation of the person]

_________________ [organization in which he is employed]

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