Rental Reference Letter

By | May 1, 2013


________________ [name of the landlord]

_________________ [residential address of the landlord]

Dated: ____________ [Mention the date of sending the letter] [date of writing letter]

Subject : Letter for rental reference


Dear ________________ [last name of the landlord],

This letter is to verify that __________________ [name of the candidate being referred] was staying on rent in our _________________ [type of property] located at ____________ [street address] _____________ [name of city] _____________ [name of the state] ____________ [post code].

__________________ [name of the person being referred] has applied for rent in _________________ [type of property owned by the land lord] owned by you on ______________ [date of applying for rent]. He was asked to submit a rent referral letter from our end. __________________ [name of the candidate being referred] has stayed in our property from ________________ [date on which the individual started staying on rent] till ________________ [last date as a tenant] on a rent of _____________ [rental amount per month]. He has always been a responsible tenant paying his rent on time. He has never caused any type of destruction to the property.

I can assure you that you won’t regret renting him your property.


______________ [name of the person sending the letter]

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