Non-Profit Donation Request Letter

By | August 4, 2012

Joseph Geller

Hometown Cricketing Ground Association

115 Park Street

26 December, 2012

Mr. Harry Otunga

Chowringhee Lane


Dear Mr. Otunga,

I, Joseph Geller am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Hometown Cricketing Ground Association (HCGA). Our organization believes that in our city today there are many kids who do not have the proper field space necessary to indulge in the sport of cricket in a safe manner. Thus we are campaigning for this issue so that our kids have a safe haven to develop their physical as well as inter-personal skills. We at HCGA are dedicated towards this cause, but to give effect to our plans, we need your assistance.

We would for your participation in this noble cause. Your donation, in whatever amount will bring us closer to our goal of collecting $ 250,000 which would give our organization the much needed boost it requires. We would definitely recognize your donations on our website.

We are extending our heartfelt gratitude in advance for considering our proposal to partner us in this noble cause. Any further queries regarding our organization, our ideals or the project itself can be addressed at

Thank You,

Signature of Joseph Geller

Joseph Geller

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