Professional Request Letter

By | August 4, 2012

121 Main Road

Metro town

3 January, 2006

Jake Tyler, Managing Director

111 First Avenue

Metro town

Dear Jake Tyler,

I am sure you are at a time crunch, so won’t waste any time beating about the bush. I am writing this letter to arrange a meeting with you to discuss a raise in my salary. This is the relevant time for a discussion on this matter as I was instrumental in aiding the company to obtain the prime time slot for our interview with the prime minister.

I was hired by your company for my proficiency in inter-personal skills and also my flair for public speaking. I believe that now a raise in my salary is reasonable. I have a number of accomplishments to my credit, including live coverage in the inhospitable region of Afghanistan. I got us the prime time slot for our interview and was also chosen as the promising journalist of the year by the Journalists’ Guild.

I want you to be aware that I view my stint at the company in a very optimistic manner. I want to continue rendering my services to this company and take it even further on the road to success. I believe my work ethics have been quite satisfactory as well so I would sincerely like you to consider my proposal.


Tommy Lee

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