Carl Jensen

13, Beaumont St

Brooklyn, NY 11234


Mr. Johnson


Johnson & Brothers Co.

NY 11235

18th September, 2011.

Sub: Resignation of Board of Directors

Dear Mr. Johnson,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my unfortunate duty to inform you about our collective resignation from the Board of Johnson & Brothers Co.

As you are aware, it has been the endeavor of the Board of Directors to continue and maintain the high standards of integrity that have always been associated with the Company.  However, certain recent actions and decisions go against the conviction of the Directors and inspite of our repeated attempts to put a stop to these practices, we have not been heeded to.

Under such grievous circumstances, it leaves us no choice but to collectively resign as the Board of Directors.

This may be please considered as a formal resignation from each and every member on the Board.

Thanking you,


Carl Jensen


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