Editor resignation letter

By | April 15, 2011

Mr. Prachi Junanker

Gamadia Road


September 21, 2010

Mr. Faraz Mahavira

Human Resources Officer

Mumbai Daily



Dear Mr. Mahavira,

I am formally tendering my resignation effective thirty days after receiving this letter of mine.  This is a difficult decision to make on my part but it is a must since my family will be relocating to another country soon.  My husband has been deployed by his company abroad and will be staying there for an indefinite period of time, thus the decision to relocate the family with him.

I want to thank the company and all the staff for everything that I have gained through my work here.  I have been working as an editor for five years now; before this I was a reporter and then a senior reporter for ten years.  I began my career as a journalist in this paper and for this, I will be forever grateful.  As I leave the company, I am hoping that you will reap more success in many years to come.


Mr. Prachi Junanker