R T I,

Executive Director,

State Bank of India,

Chennai Branch,


Dated: 14th July 2012

X Y Z,

Deputy chief financial officer,

State Bank of India,

Chennai Branch,

Dear Mr. R T I,

I am writing to you today to formally announce and inform you of my resignation from the position of deputy chief financial officer of the Chennai branch of the State Bank of India. Please do consider this letter as the equivalent of my required two week notice. My last day of work will be the 31st of July 2012, as per the responsibilities under the terms of my contract.

I would like to also inform you that the board of directors has already been formally informed of my resignation on the basis of personal grounds and the board has provisionally accepted the resignation with a procedural vote, pending your approval of the same.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and the board for your guidance and cooperation in handling such a large and reputed institution through these financially tumultuous times. I would also like to thank you personally for putting your trust in me and appointing me to head the financial arm of this prestigious institution.

I wish you and your company all the very best for the future and remain,

Yours sincerely,



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