Internal Transfer Resignation Letter

By | August 4, 2012

R T I,


UCO Bank


14th July 2012

X Y Z,

Deputy C.F.O.

UCO Bank

Chennai Branch,

Subject: Application for resignation from the position of cashier

Dear Sir,

This is written to inform you formally of my resignation from the position of cashier, Chennai branch, UCO Bank with immediate effect. I request you to consider this letter as the equivalent of my two week notice that I am required to give as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the employment clause of my original contract. As per the same, my last working day will be the 31st of July 2012.

I have been compelled to take this measure owing to the circular dated 1st July 2012, which mentions the fact that, as a part of the internal transfer policy of the company, I have been transferred to Rajasthan, in a remote village with no ensuing compensation either in terms of rank of pay. Considering the remoteness of the new location I think it is reasonable and justified for me to expect remuneration of some kind. Since the aforementioned circular, I have appealed to higher authorities regarding the same but have received no response. After repeated petitions bearing no fruit, I have been forced to look for alternative employment.

I thank you for the opportunity provided to me to learn and train at this institution.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


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