Resignation Letter to Company

By | August 18, 2010


Optima Pharmaceuticals

66 Hill Road

Panama 87674

Date: August 7, 2010

RE: Official letter of resignation

Dear Sir,

Please accept this as my formal resignation letter from my position as sales-in-charge at Optima Pharmaceuticals to be effective from 7th September 2010. I have scheduled my resignation from your company a month from now, which will allow me sufficient time to complete my ongoing work and prepare my successor to take over my position.

I have been offered a position as Head of Marketing at Galaxy Pharmaceuticals, a position which I feel will give me more scope to further my career.

I sincerely extend my heartfelt thanks to you and the company. My time here was an educational experience for me and I truly appreciate all that I learnt working here for the past two years.

I wish the company continued success. Please feel free to contact me should the need ever arise.

Thank you


Joe Jonas