Registered Nurse Resume Cover Letter

By | August 4, 2012

-Addressee’s Designation-

-Addressee’s Address-


-DD January YYYY-


Dear Sir/Ma’am

Your advertisement seeking a registered nurse in the newspaper/magazine/site titled _____________ dated ________________ has invoked much enthusiasm in me and I am writing an application for the same.

I have completed my education from _________ (school) __________ and received my degree from ____ (college) __________.

I have a natural disposition of being patient, caring and compassionate. I am a good listener and a dedicated worker. I am physically very fit to put in long hours of service and can prove to be a good source of emotional strength and support for my patients. Recruiting me would be beneficial to your nursing home/hospital as I can definitely fulfill the role of a trustworthy and dependable nurse you are looking for.

Having attended various seminars and educational excursions, I have gathered much needed experience and expertise in the field. I am really hoping to get this job.

I look forward to an affirmative reply and interview call to discuss my prospects for the same.

Yours sincerely




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