Employee Retirement Notice Letter

By | June 10, 2013


________________ [mention the name of the employer]

________________ [designation of the employer]

________________ [name of the company]


Subject: Employee retirement notice letter

Respected Mr. /Ms. ________ [salutation]

This is to notify you that I have finally decided to retire from my duties and responsibilities at the job post of __________ [mention the job post of the employee]. My last date of employment at ________ Company [mention the place of employment of the employee] would be _______ [mention the effective date of retirement].

After serving this organisation for ______ years [mention the period of employment of the employee], I would like to express my gratitude to each member for being so helping and supportive. I would surely miss the working atmosphere; group discussions, _______, ________ and _______ [mention some of the moments or things that an employee would miss on his or her retirement].

Please let me know what I can do for the smooth transition of the retirement procedure. I can be contacted on ________ [mention employee’s contact details] for any kind of assistance that you may need.

I wish ______ Company [mention the name of the company] all the very best for its future endeavours.

Thanking you!


______________ [employee’s name]

______________ [designation]

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