Professional Retirement Letter

By | August 4, 2012

–Addresser’s address—




— Addressee’s Address—



DD January YYYY


Dear (Addressee’s Name),

In accordance with the Company’s policy I am handing in my retirement letter since I have reached the mandatory retirement age. My retirement shall come in effect from ____________ (date and day). It was a pleasure working in this office and as much as I am happy to start a new phase in life, I’m sad that I’d be leaving my wonderful colleagues.

Office is always bustling with energy and every passing day seems as fresh as the day I joined. Silly gossip at breaks, crazy deadlines and the epic paper ball shoot out matches; I have had the time of my life with every passing promotion and perk that I have received. My workplace has always kept me motivated to strive for excellence and now it’s time I bring all of it to a happy ending.

I convey my heartfelt thank you to each and every co-worker who made my journey a memorable one. I hope I would find most of you working to the best of your abilities and to utmost contentment whenever I come back to visit this special place. Please keep in touch; I wish for nothing less than the best for this company.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

—- (Name) —

— (Designation) —

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