Retirement Intent Letter

By | June 20, 2013


________________ [mention the name of the company official ]

________________ [Here mention the designation of the official]

________________ [Company’s name and address]

Date : _______________________–

Subject: Resignation intent letter

Respected Mr. /Ms. ________ [salutation]

Through this letter I would like to inform you that I intent to retire from the job post of ________ [mention the job post at which the sender is employed]. The effective date of my retirement would be _______ [mention the last date of employment].

With my retirement intent letter, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my colleagues, seniors and staff members for being so dedicated, supportive and helping. After serving _______ Company [mention the name of the company] for ________ years [mention the period of services], I have gained __________, __________ and ________ [mention some of the skills and achievements of the sender].

I am really going to miss the working atmosphere and presence of each member of this organisation. If any kind of assistance is needed from my side for the smooth transition of the retirement process, please call me on ________ [mention sender’s contact details].

I wish ________ Company [name of the company] all the best!

Thanking you!


______________ [sender’s name]

______________ [designation]

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