Voluntary Retirement Letter

By | August 4, 2012

–Addresser’s address—




— Addressee’s Address—



DD January YYYY


Dear (Addressee’s Name),

I am handing in my Voluntary Retirement Letter, in effect from ________ (date and day) as I no longer wish to continue with the occupation I am in. It was a pleasure working in this office for ____________ years. My workplace has given me a lot many reasons and moments to cherish and this office will always remain as a special, sacred place in my memories.

I now however am looking forward to a new phase in life and have plans which are very different from my current stream of service. I plan to ____________________ (generally mention future plans and ideas). Hopefully I’ll find as much peace of mind and happiness in my new venture as I did here.

My heartiest gratitude is expressed to all my co-workers for making my work so much more interesting. Also, I can hardly thank my supervisors enough for always being so thorough with their evaluations and feedback. The tips and tricks of the trade and the art of professional work that I have picked up from them are bound to help me all my lifetime. I am thankful for all their support and love.

Yours sincerely

—- (Name) —

— (Designation) —

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