Romantic Good Morning Letter

By | August 4, 2012


Peters Hemmer



Lucy Williams


Hello Lucy!

I believe you have already woken up. Today I want to wish you a very pleasant Morning! I know today you are in a hurry to leave home to take up your new job. It is a very special day for you. Hence I thought I must be the first person to wish you today. Last night I made it a point to wish you on this great day. Every day I want to wish you in the morning but, somehow I miss that. In future, I want to say good morning to you daily. However, in case my message doesn’t come on any day don’t panic. I may forget to wish you but, I won’t forget you!

I wish you all success in your new job and may it be the beginning of a healthy and prosperous career for you. I’m sure, by virtue of your talent, skills and excellent character you will be outstanding everywhere. You are always a role model to others. Keep it up!

New job, new atmosphere, new colleagues and new friends! Enjoy and be cheerful! I shall be in touch. Let us hope we will meet soon somewhere. Have a very good day! Best Wishes once again!

With love,


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