Holiday Sales Letter

By | August 18, 2010

Akhil Mishra,

General Manager,

Andhra Bank.


Mr. Mishra,

[Subject: Happy Diwali!! Grand Diwali SALE by R.S Brothers]

A very Happy Diwali season to you. This season you can impress your bank customers by providing them with best deals in R.S Brothers. This season we are providing great deal of discount of up to 60%, especially to your bank’s customers.

You must be thinking how? All you need to do is to purchase the discount coupons from any R.S Brother mall and give it to your valuable customers. This is the chance to impress your current customers and also to gain new customers. This season bring home new ornaments to your wife and children.

This is a limited offer which is exclusively for your bank, as your bank is our financial partner. So to keep your respect; we are providing this offer only for you and your bank.


Ram Reddy,

Managing Director,

R.S Brothers.