Sales Agency Agreement Letter

By | July 18, 2013


________________ [name of the receiver]

________________ [address of the receiver]

Date: _____________________________

Sub: Sales Agency Agreement

Dear _____________ [name of the receiver]

This is to mention that this sales agency agreement is made as on ____________ [mention the effective date of sales agency agreement]. The sales agency agreement is made between ____________ [mention the name of the “seller”] of ___________ [mention the name of “seller’s company”] and ____________ [mention the name of the “agent”] of _____________ [mention the name of the “sales agency”].

According to the sales agency agreement following terms and conditions are to be mutually fulfilled:

1)      The seller hereby agrees to supply ________________ [briefly mention the services/products/programs etc that a seller agrees to supply].

2)      The agent hereby wishes to become sales agent of ___________ Company [mention the name of the seller’s company] for ____________ time period [mention the time period of the agreement].

3)      The sales agency agrees to abide and comply all the terms and policies of the seller such as _______________, _________________ [mention some of the terms and conditions mentioned by the seller to the sales agency].

4)      The agreement will commence from the effective date of commencement as mentioned and would remain in effect until terminated as on ____________ [mention the date of termination of sales agency agreement letter].

This confirms the mutual agreement between the sales agency and the seller.

________________________ [signature of the seller]

________________________ [signature of the sales agent]

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