Scholarship Conformation Letter Template

By | August 7, 2012

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


_______________ [name of the student]

_______________ [address]

_______________ [phone number]

Sub:-Scholarship conformation letter

Dear __________________ [name of the candidate],

This letter is from ___________________ [name of the institute] and is to confirm that ___________________ [name of the candidate], has been selected for the scholarship program. This is for the academic year of __________________ [year of study] and for _________________ [name of the course]. The above mentioned person is granted a sum of ________________ [amount of scholarship] for the full academic education.

We are proud to offer you the scholarship, which has been designed for the outstanding students who lack the opportunity of higher education. Students like you are the future of the nation and we as an institute are proud to be contributing for the development of the same by giving the opportunity to the students to learn and grow. We have __________________ [number of scholarship seats available] scholarships available and each year we strive to bring a brighter future to bright students like you.

Your enrollment has been confirmed to the course ____________ [name of the course], starting from the academic year _____________ [year] with the enrolment number ______________ [enrolment number]. The course offered here is of _________________ [duration of course] and will give the students the maximum exposure that they are looking for from an institute.

Please find the other course details enclosed. We are proud to welcome you to our institute.


Signature:-_________________ [signature of the sender]

Name:-____________________ [name of the sender]

Position:-___________________ [designation of the sender]

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