Scholarship Donation Solicitation Letter

By | August 26, 2013


_________________ [name of the concerned person]

____________________ [designation of concerned person]

___________________ [organization’s name]

__________________________ [the line 1 of organization’s official address]

__________________________ [the line 2 of organization’s official address]

Dated: ________________ [mention the day, month and year]

Subject: ___________________ [state that it is to solicit for scholarship donation]


Respected _____________________ [last name of the concerned person],

This letter is in regards to the _______________________________ [type of scholarship donation usually provided by the organization]. I would like to ask for a scholarship donation of an amount of __________________ [amount of donation that the sender is looking forward to] for _____________________________ [the particular reason for which the scholarship donation is required].

We are an organization specializing in ______________________ [type of services provided by the organization]. Every year we create a fund from scholarship is provided to deserving students.  We believe that _______________________________ [the reason for providing scholarship to deserving students]. The ________________________ [mention the process through which the students are provided scholarship and the process in which the students are selected]. Thus we would request you to make a donation for this purpose.

Looking forward to a response from your end.



Name of the sender ________________

Designation of the sender ______________

Organization name _______________

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