Scholarship Follow Up Letter

By | August 4, 2012

Agatha Auburn,

176 Park Street,

Boston, Massachusetts

12th October 2012

Georgia Johnson,

176 Crimean Square,

Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Mrs. Georgia,

I have written this letter to express my immense gratitude in receiving the Johnson Scholarship Award for my MBA course at Green’s Management School. I am an engineering graduate from the University of Piccadilly and receiving financial support for further education just after completion of my graduate degree was a very essential requirement for me to continue with my academic plans.

Due to your kind help and contribution to the Green’s Scholarship Fund I have been relieved of a great financial burden. Presently I have entered the 2nd semester of my MBA program at Green’s Management School. I am heading our school’s Human Resources Management Society and am also a member of Green’s MBA Woman Association. Studying at Green’s has been a very valuable and rich learning experience. I have received a lot of exposure about marketing dynamics and their practice after my enrolment into the curriculum. This I believe will prove to be a great learning platform for someone who plans to function in an industrial corporate after completion of the MBA degree.

In the ensuing year too I hope I am able to make good use of the school’s resources to achieve my goals.


Agatha Auburn

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