Scholarship Introduction Letter

By | August 1, 2013


____________________ [name of the authorized person]

_____________________ [position of the person]

____________________ [name of the educational institute/ university]

__________________________ [official address of the educational institute/ university]

Dated: ________________ [date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: Letter of introduction for scholarship

Respected Mr./ Miss./ Mrs. _______________ [last name of the recipient],

This letter is to express my interest to pursue _________________________ [name of the degree course that the sender wants to pursue] in your educational institute. I would like to apply for a scholarship in order to pursue the course.

I would like to introduce myself as _____________________ [ name of the sender] who has recently completed _____________________ [the last educational qualification of the sender] from ___________________ [name of the educational institute]. I have secured ___________________ [details of the grades or marks secured by the sender] in the final exam of my __________________ [last educational qualification completed by the recipient]. As a student I am ___________________ [mention the strong points of the sender. Also mention the skills and abilities of the sender as a sender].

I am enclosing my ___________________ [details of mark sheet attached by the sender] along with the letter. I would request you to consider me for the scholarship.


_________________ [name of the sender]

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