Scholarship Nomination Letter

By | July 29, 2013


_____________________________ [Name of the person receiving the letter]

_____________________________ [name of the institute/organisation granting the scholarship]

______________________________ [Address of the institute]

Date: _____________________________

Sub: Scholarship Nomination for _____________________ [name of the person who is being nominated]

Dear _______________ [last name of the recipient],

I am writing this letter in order to nominate ______________ [name of the person who is being nominated] for your _________________ [name of the scholarship] scholarship. I came to know about the scholarship from _______________________ [source from where the person writing the letter came to know about the scholarship] and thus nominating ________________ [name of the nominated person] for the same.

I know ______________ [person who is being nominated] since _______________ [time period] as he/she was ________________ [mention the relation with the nominated person].  _____________ [name of the person nominated] possess excellent ________________, ___________ and ________________ [mention the skill sets possessed by the person] which makes him/her as an apt candidate for this scholarship. I am sure that you will not regret your decision of granting scholarship to ________________ [name of the person].

I am herewith enclosing ______________ [documents enclosed] for your reference. For any further information you can contact me on ________________ [contact details].


_______________________ [name of the person writing the letter]

__________________________ [address of the sender]

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