Scholarship Offer Rejection Letter

By | September 2, 2013


The person to whom the letter is addressed_______________

The job position the person holds_______________

The concerned organization _______________

Correspondence address of the concerned organization _______________________________

Dated: ___________ [the exact date on which the sender wrote the letter]

Subject: __________________ [exact reason for writing the letter]


Respected _______________ [last name with proper salutation before it],

This letter is in regards to the scholarship offer given by your _________________ [type of educational institute] to me in order to pursue ________________________ [course type that the sender has been offered to pursue]. I reject to inform you that I have to reject the scholarship offer given by you.

As per the scholarship offer letter received on _____________________ [date of receiving the scholarship offer letter] I am supposed to received a scholarship of _________________ [percentage of course fees offered as scholarship] on the course fees. I am looking forward to __________________________ [mention in details the reason why the sender has to reject the scholarship offer]. Thus, I had to reject the offer. I ________________________ [mention the other academic plans of the sender].

I hope you understand the reason for which I had to take this decision. Looking forward to your reply.


__________________ [name of the sender]

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