Scholarship Sponsorship Letter

By | August 22, 2013


____________________ [authorized person’s name]

_____________________ [[authorized person’s job position]

____________________ [educational institute/ university’s name]

__________________________ [educational institute/ university’s official address]

Dated: _____ day  ________ month _________ year

Subject: _________________ [mention that it is for sponsorship of scholarship]


Respected ___________________ [surname of the recipient with proper salutation before it],

This letter is in regards to the various scholarships for various degree courses that we give to deserving students who take admission in our college. , I on behalf of my __________________ [type of educational institute] would like to request your organization to provide sponsorship for the scholarships.

There are many students who are talented but unable to afford to pay the fees. So we usually provide scholarships to them. There are lots of students applying for scholarships every year and most of them deserve it. Thus it becomes easier providing scholarship to them if financial aid in the form of sponsorship is available. Thus we request you to provide a sponsorship amount of _____________ [total amount] for the scholarships.

I would be looking forward to a positive reply from your end.


Name of the sender _____________________

Designation of the sender _____________________

Name of the educational institute ___________________

Campus/ official address of the educational institute ____________________________

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