Scholarship Update Letter Template

By | August 7, 2012

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


_______________ [name of the student]

_______________ [address]

Sub:-Scholarship update letter

Dear _____________ [Name of the student],

This letter is written on behalf of the administrating committee of ______________________ [name of the institution], in order to inform about the scholarship update that [Mr/Mrs/Miss] ____________ [name of the student] has applied for. The institution has sanctioned a scholarship of _______________ [amount of scholarship] each for _______________ [no of students] students each.

This letter is written to inform that [Mr/Mrs/Miss] ___________________ [name of the student] who is a student of _________________ [course name] for the academic year ____________ [year] is one among the beneficiaries.

The scholarship ______________ [committee members/board members] of the institute has made certain changes in the terms and conditions according to the curricular changes. The ______________ [name of the scholarship program] scholarship program has given pride to the institute since its inception and hence the committee wishes to continue the program.

In the program there are changes made for the ___________________ and ________________ [reason of the changes being made]. In the past years the scholars have worked hard to bring up the reputation of the institute to the pinnacle. Therefore, the institute has updated the scholarship policy to benefit the beneficiaries.

The details of the updates are enclosed with the letter. Kindly have a look and if there is any query, please feel free to contact us.


Signature ____________________

Name _______________________

Position _____________________

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